Italian Deli Roll-up with Homemade Garlic Pickles

I am not a fan of processed foods (Obviously! If you missed this, check out my bio). I feel the best possible flavor and health benefits come from cooking with whole foods. There are times though, when the only way to make a specific recipe is to use something that has been processed. When that happens, instead of completely avoiding the dish, I choose to make better choices in what processed food I would like to use. I don’t think people should have to avoid something completely. We just must decide whether or not we are making a healthy choice when deciding on using an ingredient. Fortunately, there are so many good options and alternatives out on the market today! In a sense, we can have our cake, eat it too, and not have the horrid after effects that regular sugar laden cake does to our bodies.


I absolutely LOVE Italian subs. It’s kind of hard to get the full effect of a sandwich like this one without some tasty deli meats. Fortunately, this tasty treat is so delicious, you won’t even notice the bread is missing. Seriously!! Now a major controversy surrounding deli meats is the fact that they contain nitrates. I choose to buy nitrate free products, such as Applegate, however, there are very few studies to show that nitrates are damaging to the body. In fact, nitrates are produced naturally in many vegetables and fruit we eat every day. However, I do recognize the fact that so many people have a sensitivity to added nitrates (myself included) and choose to go with the healthiest brands available. Another great brand I recently discovered is Troyer. You can check out their product info here. For a full list of healthier deli meats, click here.

Anyhoo, back to Italian sub talk. This gluten free, low carb version is awesome. It is super easy to make, and has a special homemade touch with the delicious pickles created by my step-mom Lana. She was kind enough to share her recipe so that I could share it with all of you :)

What you’ll need:

1 slice turkey deli meat

2 slices pepperoni

2 slices salami

1 homemade pickle

2 tsp natural brown mustard

For the pickles:

12 pickling cucumbers, thoroughly washed

2 tbsp coconut sugar

5 tbsp sea salt

2.5 tbsp safflower oil

5 tbsp vinegar (I used white distilled)

2 tbsp minced garlic

1/2 tbsp pepper


Kitchen Equipment:

Large Jar for Pickles


Measuring spoons

Toothpicks (optional)


Make the pickles a day ahead. Make sure you wash them thoroughly as the crevices tend to hold dirt.


Cut each cucumber in half long ways, then cut that half in half again. You should have 4 long spears from one cucumber.


Place all cucumbers in a large jar.


Add sugar, salt, oil, vinegar, garlic, and pepper.


Place lid on tightly and shake well, coating all the cucumbers. For the next day, every time you walk in the kitchen, take the jar out and shake it up. Eventually, the cucumbers will release water and the juice will grow in the jar.


These are what they should look like the next day. Ready to eat! They are seasoned with a slight crunch. Delicious!!



Onto the italian roll-up…Lay out one piece of turkey and evenly distribute mustard.



Lay 2 pieces of salami, next to each other, on top of the turkey and mustard.


Lay 2 pieces of pepperoni on top of the salami.


Take a pickle and lay it across the the meat stack perpendicular to the long side of the turkey slice. Make sure it is all the way at the end.


Gently fold the meat over the pickle and continue to roll away from you.


Hold roll up in place with a toothpick to hold it in place as a snack for later. Or eat it right now. You know you want to.



Italian roll-up served with a side of Way Better Snacks' Gluten free Simply Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips

Italian roll-up served with a side of Way Better Snacks’ Gluten free Simply Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips


These are soooooo good. I honestly don’t even miss the fact that it doesn’t have cheese or bread. The combo of flavors from the pickles and good quality deli meat make this roll-up an instant favorite. Enjoy!



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