On the road to a healthier lifestyle…

This was me in 2006…I was a super binge eater and was sucking my stomach in during this picture lol!

I have never been seriously overweight, but I have definitely been on the path leading to it. A few years ago, I could no longer fit comfortably into anything in my closet. So I decided to do what everyone else does…diet until I fit back in them and then eat crappy all over again until the next time my jeans acted like a python, squeezing the life, and love-handles, out of my midsection. I continued to yo-yo diet, and even ate vegan for quite some time (and still use many of those recipes today) until I realized (a) I really couldn’t live without bacon and (b) I could eat as healthy as I want, but if I do not eat small meals frequently enough, I wouldn’t see a difference in my body. After several years of eating large meals only (and skipping breakfast…a big no no!), I began to think smaller in regards to my food portions. And it worked! I lost the pesky waistline. A little exercise helped too, but my eating habits really made the big difference. However, I did notice one thing hadn’t changed much; I still felt sluggish after eating sometimes and my frequent headaches and body pain was still there. I soon began to realize, I didn’t just want to see a difference. I wanted to feel one too.

While I could still eat frequent small amounts of junk food throughout the day without gaining weight, I didn’t always feel too great after eating them. I was becoming sick and lethargic after eating certain foods that would trigger my body to fight back in response. For example, dairy makes my body extremely angry…and it doesn’t seem to favor breads very much either. And to add fuel to the fire, I wasn’t consuming near enough fruits and veggies. I just wasn’t raised in a household where you go grab an apple if you’re hungry in between meals. You grab something like fried okra…or Cool Ranch Doritos…or both together with a little chocolate milk. Yum! While I have tried to think “Apple, Apple, Apple…” when I am hungry, my mind just doesn’t work that way. I really want the bad stuff that taste oh so good and satisfies my inner food goddess! In fact, the food I cook and crave best is southern down home cooking where lard is one of the main ingredients. That is what I truly want when I am having a food “craving”: fat filled comfort food. But do I really want live most of my life with bad eating habits and become diabetic like 25.8 million Americans? Or maybe even have a heart attack at a young age like my father? Am I willing to take the risk of allowing cancer to enter my body by consistently consuming chemically saturated processed foods? Do I want to grow older and then have to learn to how to eat healthy at that stage of my life?  The answer is: No, I don’t. And neither should anyone else.

After snacking

I began to experiment with snacks that were similar to what I naturally craved, but had a much healthier food content. In the beginning it was a little rough (apologies to my friends and family, lol!) . After a while I was able to tweak the recipes so that people who ate junk food all day long were even impressed. I am now frequently asked for my recipes. So frequently in fact that I decided to start blogging and share them with everyone out there in cyberspace. This website will provide detailed how-to guides that will include my special tricks to make your snacks super addicting trim and tasty ‘treats’. In fact, you may want to hide some of them or you may not have any left for yourself! Happy Snacking!!


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